Join the meeting with Sen. Marty Block and let him know your opinion about SCA5

Why the sudden change?  Why you should care to attend the event below this Thursday.
I just learned California Senator Marty Block (representing our district) will hold a town hall meeting this Thursday, Oct 2, from 6pm to 8pm, right here at Ocean Air Elementary School to listen to the concerns of his constituents.  He is one of the co-sponsors of Senator Hernandez’s Senate Constitutional Amendment #5, known as SCA5, which our Asian Americans refer to as Skin-Color-Act 5.  SCA5 seeks to amend the California constitution to remove any reference to the phrase “shall not discriminate against individuals based on race and ethnicity” so that UC/CSU can freely admit students from each race with different qualification standards.  The bill was initiated because people complained there are too many AsAms in UC/CSU, so the effect they want to achieve is to reduce the AsAm enrollment despite of their qualifications.  The bill passed the California senate in Feb with 100% Democrat support and 100% Republican opposition, but was stalled in the assembly after an Asian American uprising this March.  Now the supporters of this bill are again working hard to reintroduce SCA5 equivalent in 2015 and put it on ballot in 2016.  Please read how AsAm opinions are being fabricated to lead the way to the resurrection of SCA5.
We must do all we can to stop such effort.  Senator Block is a key person who must hear our voices.   What better opportunity than this Thursday when he comes to us to listen?  Please tell all your friends to show up in force at Ocean Air this Thursday at 6pm to let him know our opposition, otherwise he will work hard to reintroduce SCA5 to limit our kids’ chance of getting into UC/CSU.
We work hard in Science Olympiad so that we learn and excel, and have a better chance to go to the best colleges.  What is the point of SO if our collective success is to be punished by politicians who think UC/CSU already have too many of us?
Thank you!



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