!! Vote on or before Nov 4, 2014 !!

Inaction has consequences: 


If you don’t vote on Nov 4, 2014

=> Democratic Party retains supermajority in both California Senate and Assembly.

=> Reintroduce SCA5 in 2015 without any need for Republican support (a repeat of this year)

=> Pass SCA5 equivalent ballot on Nob 4, 2016

=> UC/CSU legally allow racial preferences starting 2017

=> Your children and grandchildren wish they don’t share your last names.  http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/education/story/2011-12-03/asian-students-college-applications/51620236/1


If you do not treat America as your home, no one will.  If you do not treat yourself as equal citizen, you will be treated as a perpetual foreigner.  Your personal welfare and benefits are deeply affected by such a perception.  The changes you want to see in the world must start from YOU.


SDAAFE is a non-partisan PAC devoted to fight for our community interests through the political process and civic engagement.   We are only as strong as your votes.  In this election cycle, we strongly urge Asian Americans to vote Republican to reward the 100% Republican votes AGAINST SCA5 and to punish the 100% Democrat votes FOR SCA5 that occurred in the California Senate on Feb 1, 2014.  We will leave our door wide open to both parties in the 2016 election cycle based on what they do in the next two years, which includes the potential resurrection of SCA5-like bills if the Democratic Party retains its supermajority, as its leadership publicly vowed to do.










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