SDAAFE 2018 Annual Meeting

SDAAFE 2018 annual meeting was held on January 13, 2018 at Holy Gao restaurant. Former district attorney Bonnie Dumanis, former state representative Tom Hom couple,former Republican congress candidate Denise Gitsham were among the invited guests that attended the meeting. The meeting elected a new board of directors, with total 12 board members, including Frank Xu, Xiaodong Zhang, Frank Hu, Shawn He, Steve Hsieh, Alex Hu, Yong Zeng, Manqing Li, Stacy Chen, Joan Chen, Aijie Han, Martin Lu. Shawn He is appointed to be the next president by the board, Steve Hsieh, Xiaodong Zhang the vice presidents, Alex Hu the treasurer, Joan Chen the secretary.

President Frank Xu delivered the annual report for 2017, the accomplishments include: participating the lawsuit against SDUSD over Muslim anti bullying program; assisting a UCSD student under unfair treatment; holding the first youth legal essay contest; leading feasibility discussion for opening or continuing Chinese classes in certain school districts; and providing various assistance to Chinese communities.

The newly appointed president Shawn He described three main focus of the organization for 2018:  adhering to the non-partisan independent political stance held by SDAAFE; mobilizing against actions that are detrimental to the interests of Asians, particularly Chinese Americans; mobilizing support for efforts that will help advancing social status of Asians, especially Chinese-Americans; promoting SDAAFE’s motto of “Engage to Empower”;  recruiting more volunteers; striving for more like-minded people to join the organization and expanding its influence in Asian communities and beyond; building up the organization and improving its functions; paving the way for the long-term development of political involvement for Chinese Americans.



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