SDAAFE Statement on Golden West College Professor Caught on Video Telling an Asian-American Couple to “Go Back to Your Home Country”


SDAAFE Statement on Golden West College Professor Caught on Video

Telling an Asian-American Couple to “Go Back to Your Home Country”


March 27, 2018, San Diego, California



San Diego Asian Americans for Equality (SDAAFE) is very disappointed to find that Ms. Tarin Olson, a career counselor and professor at Golden West College, was caught on a video telling an Asian-American couple to “go back to your home country.”

The college mentioned in their statement in response to the video that all faculty and staff are expected to follow a specific code of conduct, including avoiding “conduct which is in violation of the public trust or which creates a justifiable impression among the community that such trust is being violated.” Ms. Olson is a professor. Her words carry weight, and we, as immigrants who are concerned with our future and our children’s futures, should be alarmed. Our country was founded by and built by immigrants. This social fabric has made, and will continue to make, America great. Throughout history, our fellow Americans from vastly different ancestral backgrounds have sacrificed their lives and fought to protect the American civilization that is represented in the pledge of allegiance: “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. All the immigrants, including those from Asia, are an undeniable part of the American society. Without their contribution, the United States could not have become the country it is today. We love this country and view it as our home. We love America not only for its beautiful environment and peaceful lifestyle, but also for the ideal of equal opportunity and pursuit of happiness the nation espouses.

That is why we cannot tolerate the act of discrimination in this video and denounce Ms. Olson’s words. These divisive words echo a historical and even present-day notion that immigrants are not Americans. If we take no action against the voice of discrimination, our communities will be harmed and will continue to be discriminated against.

To be a good teacher, one should not only impart knowledge, but also be a role model for students. By voicing such discriminatory remarks as shown in the video, Ms. Olson has renounced her position as a teacher and a role model for her students. We at the SDAAFE believe she should not be allowed to return to these roles until she apologizes for her hateful remarks.


CC:         Wes Bryan, President, Golden West College

Board of Trustees, Coast Community College District



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