Petition to Urge California Legislators to Vote No on ACA 5

It’s a challenging time because of the pandemic. People are losing their jobs. Businesses are closing down. It’s supposed to be time for our leaders to unite us to fight this tough battle. Yet the politicians in Sacramento still played hard on identity politics by pushing forward ACA 5.

Do you want the government play favoritism and decide who can get government jobs, contracts, college admissions based on people’s skin color and gender? This is WRONG! Please print and sign the petition. We are collecting all petitions and demonstrate these petitions to the legislators and urge them to vote NO on ACA 5.

Because of the pandemic, we can’t do petition drive as usual. Hence we have to ask you to take an extra step to print the form and sign it. Email us on whenever you have a signed letter ready. We can arrange a pickup. The information in the petition letter will be used only in matters related to ACA 5.



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