Asian Americans Frustrated with Asm. Brian Maienschein’s Vote on ACA 5 Amplify Their Support for June Cutter

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Asian Americans Frustrated with Asm. Brian Maienschein’s Vote on ACA 5

 Amplify Their Support for June Cutter


(San Diego, CA) – Last month, Assemblyman Brian Maienschein voted in favor of ACA 5, frustrating many of his Asian American constituents who had petitioned Maienschein to put aside partisan politics and represent the wishes of his District.

June Yang Cutter is the Republican candidate running against Maienschein in District 77. Along with the San Diego Asian Americans for Equality (SDAAFE), a non-partisan organization with over 1,700 members, Cutter has actively voiced her opposition to ACA 5.

“Many Asian Americans in this state know that they will be unfairly discriminated against in the college admissions process if ACA 5 becomes a reality. This measure specifically allows universities to give preferential treatment to individuals because of their race instead of offering an even playing field for members of all ethnicities and backgrounds,” said Frank Xu, Co-Founder of SDAAFE.

“Members of SDAAFE reached out to Assemblyman Maienschein to voice our concerns and he refused to hear us out. That is why many Asian Americans in AD-77 are amplifying their support for June Cutter instead. We know she will fight for equality, not party politics,” concluded Xu.

In the last 48 hours of the reporting period ending on June 30th, Cutter received nearly $25,000 in financial contributions from more than 150 individuals affiliated with SDAAFE, most of whom were first-time donors, and over 90% of whom live within the boundaries of District 77. Each of these individuals expressed concern and frustration with Maienschein’s vote on ACA 5.

ACA 5 seeks to repeal Proposition 209, which currently prohibits the state from discriminating against, or granting preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.  ACA 5 has passed through the State Assembly and Senate and will appear on the November 2020 ballot as Proposition 16.

“I am proud to join forces with SDAAFE to defeat Proposition 16 at the ballot box. Race-based affirmative action places a band-aid at the finish line, instead of solving the root cause of the problem at the starting line,” said Cutter.

“If passed, I believe that Proposition 16 will create further division within our communities,” she continued. “Investing in K-12 education and expanding school choice options will serve low income and minority communities better than a racially-based admissions process in our public colleges and universities.”

June Yang Cutter is a working mom and wife, attorney, small business owner, and former PTA President. She is the daughter of Korean immigrants and a native Californian. Cutter is running for Assembly to make sure that California remains a place of equal opportunity, a place that puts the middle class first, a place where the next generation can fulfill their American Dream. To learn more about June and her campaign for Assembly, visit:



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