2021 Essay Contest on California State Legislation – The Fourth ‘Sunrise Realty Cup’ Youth Legislative Essay Contest

2021 Essay Contest on California State Legislation

The Fourth ‘Sunrise Realty Cup’ Youth Legislative Essay Contest

SDAAFE is pleased to announce the launch of the 2021 Essay Contest on California State Legislation which is also the Fourth ‘Sunrise Realty Cup’ Youth Legislative Essay Contest. It is held statewide by three prominent organizations: San Diego Asian Americans For Equality (SDAAFE), Silicon Valley Chinese Association Foundation (SVCAF), and The Orange Club Foundation (TOCF), representing San Diego (SD), Northern California (NorCal), and Orange County (OC) regions, respectively. Please read the rules and deadline of the contest carefully.

  • Subject: California Senate Bill SB-82 Petty theft (2021) is currently being debated and voted on in the California State Senate. Assuming you are a California State Legislator, will you support the bill or oppose it? Why? Please do your own researchand write an essay to support your decision.  Please clearly list out your references.
  • Resource: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=202120220SB82
  • Participant: Current California resident, Grade 6-12 Students in the 2021-2022 school year (Please choose the closest region from SD, NorCal, or OC as your local submission region.)
  • Essay requirement: English, 500 – 800 words (not including title and references)
  • Deadline for submission:  11:59 pm, Oct 04 (Monday), 2021.
  • Email to: essay2021@sdaafe.org
  • Email should include your Essay, the signed application form, and the signed waiver document.
  • Forms download link: https://tinyurl.com/CAessay2021
  • Subject in email: 2021_region code (choose one from SD, NorCal, or OC)_your name (Sample: 2021_SD_Mary Lee) (Mary Lee is from San Diego region.)
  • Judging:
    • 30% Writing Skills and Grammar
    • 35% Arguments
    • 35% Research and Supporting data
  • Prizes (The prizes will be awarded in a two-tier process.):
    • Local Round: San Diego region winning essay writers on both sides of the argument will receive award certificates. The results will be announced on Oct. 18th (Monday at 11:59 pm), 2021. Award certificates will be issued by the office of San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan.
    • State Finals: The local winning essays on both sides of the argument will be automatically entered in a statewide contest. Each side of the argument will be presented with a First Place with $1000 award; a Second Place with $500 award; and a Third Place with $300 award. The Finals results will be announced in mid-October.
  • State winning essays will be published on SDAAFE, SVCAF, and TOCF websites or social media to honor participating students, although they will not represent the three organizations’ opinions.
  • If state health guideline allows, all awardees including San Diego region and state levels are required to attend the Award Ceremony in person to receive the prize which will be held in late October in San Diego. Detailed information about the time and location of the Award Ceremony will be announced in September.
  • Essay Style Requirement:
    • File Type — Your essay should be submitted as a word .doc or .docx file
    • Font — Use the popular Times New Roman font, easy to read 12 pt font size.
    • Spacing — Your essay should be double spaced.
    • Length — Not counting title and references.
    • References — Your essay must include a list of at least three references.
    • Style Guide — You may use any of the MLA, Chicago or APA style manual for citations and reference formatting.
    • Do — Please make sure you fill out the application form and sign the waiver document by yourself and your legal guardian.
    • Don’t — Please do Not mention me within the essay, or in any other way convey or imply your personal identity in the essay, as all essays will be rated anonymously.

Lastly, we would like to thank Jing Zhao from San Diego Sunrise Realty, Vickie Zhang from IvyMax Foundation, May Zhao and Linda Liu from US Asian Art & Culture Association, Melissa Cheng, Jenny Li and Hong Zheng from Southern California Asian American Parent Teacher Organization for their support and sponsorship.





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