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Testimony for DA’s Office

Sarah Wang Pacific Ridge School – Sophomore August 28, 2018 Testimony for DA’s Office I entered the DA’s office without prior knowledge to this career path, other than assuming a District Attorney was quite similar to a lawyer. I wanted to learn more and see how the real world works; this experience satisfied those two […]

SDAAFE Newsletter June 2018

June 2018   Fundraising for Bonnie Dumanis 2018 Mayoral Award Winners Partnership with Solutions for Change 2018 Yucai Cup Legislative Essay Contest About SDAAFE   Fundraising for Bonnie Dumanis SDAAFE and San Diego Entrepreneur Yu Jianqiang made a joint fundraising dinner at the China Max Restaurant on May 23rd for Bonnie Dumanis, the County Supervisor […]

SDAAFE 2018 Yucai Cup Legislative Essay Contest

Subject: California Senate Bill SB-174 Public Employment: Eligibility (2017-2018) is currently being debated and voted in California Senate. Assuming you are a California State Legislator, will you support the bill or oppose it? Why? Please do your own research and write an essay to support your decision.  Please clearly list out your references. Resource: […]

SDAAFE Newsletter April 2018

Summary Fundraising for Summer Stephan Held Fundraising for John Chiang Held Voter’s Guide Discussion in May 2018 Mayoral Award Update About SDAAFE   Fundraising for Summer Stephan Held On April 7th SDAAFE held a fundraising event for Summer Stephan. According to the incomplete count data from Summer’s campaign office, the event attracted donations from about […]

SDAAFE announces partnership with Solutions for Change

May 25,2018 San Diego Asian Americans for Equality (SDAAFE) announces the partnership with Solutions for Change to investigate the positive solutions to help the homeless community, which has been a glaring issue all through the San Diego County for a long time. Based on the latest report, 8,576 homeless individuals were counted on January 26, […]