2019 Essay Contest on California State Legislation The Third ‘Sunrise Realty Cup’ Youth Legislative Essay Contest

SDAAFE is pleased to announce the launch of the 2019 Essay Contest on California State Legislation which is also the Third ‘Sunrise Realty Cup’ Youth Legislative Essay Contest. The goal of this contest is to promote awareness among youth on public affairs, and political and legal systems of California. It is meant to reward those young people who show a solid understanding of issues that affect Californians. It is held statewide by three prominent organizations: San Diego Asian Americans For Equality (SDAAFE), Silicon Valley Chinese Association Foundation (SVCAF), and The Orange Club (TOC), representing San Diego (SD), Northern California (NorCal), and Greater Los Angeles (GLA) regions, respectively. Please read the rules and deadline of the contest carefully.

  • Subject: California Assembly Bill AB-392 Peace Officers(2019) is currently being debated and voted on in the California State Assembly. Assuming you are a California State Legislator, will you support the bill or oppose it? Why? Please do your own research and write an essay to support your decision.  Please clearly list out your references.
  • Resource: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=201920200AB392
  • Participant: Current California resident, Grades 6-12 Students in the 2019-2020 school year (Please choose the closest region from SD, NorCal, or GLA as your local submission region.)
  • Essay requirement: English, 500 – 800 words (not including title and references)
  • Deadline for submission:  11:59 pm, August 31 (Sat.), 2019.
  • Email to: essay2019@sdaafe.org
  • Email should include your Essay, the signed application form, and the signed waiver document.
  • Forms download link: https://tinyurl.com/2019contest
  • Subject in email: 2019_region code (choose one from SD, NorCal, or GLA)_your name (Sample: 2019_SD_Mary Lee) (Mary Lee is from San Diego region.)
  • Judging:
    • 30% Writing Skills and Grammar
    • 35% Arguments
    • 35% Research and Supporting data
    • Essays will be rated by local writing experts and local political leaders.
  • Prizes (The prizes will be awarded in a two-tier process.):
    • Local Round: San Diego region winning essay writers on both sides of the argument will receive award certificates. The results will be announced on Sep. 30th, 2019. Award certificates will be issued by San Diego DA’s Office (Summer Stephan).
    • State Finals: The local winning essays on both sides of the argument will be automatically entered in a statewide contest. Each side of the argument will be presented with a First Place with $1000 award; a Second Place with $500 award; and a Third Place with $300 award. The Finals results will be announced in early October.
  • State winning essays will be published on SDAAFE, SVCAF, and TOC websites to honor participating students, although they will not represent the three organizations’ opinions.
  • All awardees including San Diego region and state levels must attend the Award Ceremony in person to receive the prize which will be held

11/02/2019 (Saturday), 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Hilton Garden Inn San Diego Del Mar (3939 Ocean Bluff Ave, San Diego, CA 92130)

  • All contestants’ efforts can be counted as volunteer hours of the local organization.
  • Essay Style Requirement:
    • File Type — Your essay should be submitted as a word .doc or .docx file
    • Font — Use the popular Times New Roman font, easy to read 12 pt font size.
    • Spacing — Your essay should be double spaced.
    • Length — Not counting title and references.
    • References — Your essay must include a list of at least three references.
    • Style Guide — You may use any of the MLA, Chicago or APA style manual for citations and reference formatting.
    • Do — Please make sure you fill out the application form and sign the waiver document by yourself and your legal guardian.
    • Don’t — Please do Not mention me within the essay, or in any other way convey or imply your personal identity in the essay, as all essays will be rated anonymously.

Lastly, we’d like to thank San Diego Sunrise Realty for their support and sponsorship.  We’d also like to thank the following realtors from San Diego Sunrise Realty: Hui Zheng, Cindy Zhan, Rong Peng, J.C Seely, Cindy Quintana, Coco Qian Li, Jing Zhao.

圣地亚哥亚裔平权会宣布2019年度加州立法论文大赛,暨第三届“阳光地产杯”青少年立法论文大赛开始举办。大赛的目的是为了促进加州青少年关心时事,提高对争议话题的独立研究和判断能力。2019年度加州立法论文大赛由以下组织联合举办:圣地亚哥亚裔平权会(SDAAFE)、硅谷华人协会基金会(SVCAF)和金橙俱乐部(TOC)合办(以组织英文名字母顺序排序)。以上三个组织分别代表圣地亚哥(San Diego, SD), 北加(Northern California, NorCal), 和南加大洛杉矶(Greater Los Angeles, GLA)三个地区。 请仔细阅读以下申请规则。

  • 题目:加州众议院法AB-392和平警察(2019)目前正在加州众议院辩论和投票。 假设你是加利福尼亚州立法委员,你会支持该法案还是反对? 为什么? 请做自己的研究,然后写一篇文章来支持你的决定。 请清楚列出你的参考文献。
  • 资源:  https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201920200AB392
  • 参赛者资格:现居住在加州的6-12年级(2019-2020学年)的在校学生。(请按照就近原则从圣地亚哥(SD), 北加(NorCal), 和南加大洛杉矶(Greater Los Angeles, GLA)三个地区中,选择一个作为你的参赛区)
  • 要求: 英文,500 – 800字(不包括论文题目和参考文献)
  • 提交截止日期:2019年8月31日(星期六),晚上11点59分。

电邮至: essay2019@sdaafe.org


表格下载地址: https://tinyurl.com/2019contest

邮件标题: 2019_参赛区代号(从SD, NorCal, 或者GLA中按就近原则选一个)_你的名字

(范例:Mary Lee来自圣地亚哥地区,邮件标题为2019_SD_Mary Lee)

  • 裁判:
    • 写作技巧和语法占30%
    • 论证占35%
    • 研究和支持数据占35%
    • 论文将由写作专家和当地政治领导人来评分
  • 奖励(分两级进行):
    • 本区预赛: 圣地亚哥赛区的本地正反双方的优秀作者将获得获奖证书(结果将于9月30日公布)。获奖证书将由圣地亚哥郡地区检查署检察长办公室(Summer Stephan)颁发。
    • 州级决赛:本地正反双方的优秀文章将自动参加加州州级比赛,并有机会获得以下金额奖励: 一等奖$1,000.00/人 (正反各一位);二等奖$500.00/人 (正反各一位); 三等奖 $300.00/人 (正反各一位)。结果将于10月上旬公布。
    • 获州奖论文将发布在SDAAFE,SVCAF和TOC的网站上,以表彰参赛学生。获奖文章内容不代表以上三个组织的意见。
  • 圣地亚哥本地获奖者和加州州级获奖者,必须参加11月2日(星期六)在圣地亚哥举行的颁奖典礼。


Hilton Garden Inn San Diego Del Mar  (3939 Ocean Bluff Ave, San Diego, CA 92130)

  • 所有参赛者所花的时间可以由本区组织授予义工时间。
  • 论文风格要求:
    • 文件类型– 论文应该以.doc或.docx文件的形式提交
    • 字体– 使用流行的Times New Roman字体,易于阅读12磅字体大小
    • 间距– 论文应该是双倍间隔的
    • 长度– 不包括标题和参考文献
    • 参考文献– 论文必须包含你所咨询的至少三份参考文献的清单。这些参考文献可以来自印刷或在线资源。
    • 样式指南– 可以使用MLA,芝加哥或APA样式手册选用引用格式
    • 请做– 请确保填写申请表,并由你的合法监护人签署免责文件
    • 不要– 不要在论文中输入你的名字,或以任何其他方式在论文中传达或暗示你的个人身份,因为所有的论文都将被匿名评比

最后,我们非常感谢圣地亚哥阳光地产对本次活动的大力支持和赞助。我们特别感谢来自圣地亚哥阳光地产的赞助人:Hui Zheng, Cindy Zhan, Rong Peng, J.C Seely, Cindy Quintana, Coco Qian Li, Jing Zhao。