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Free Membership

SDAAFE membership is free and mutually beneficial. You will be updated on local, regional, and national events that impact the AsAm community through our e-mail newsletters, and SDAAFE will grow in strength by the numbers.  We are only as strong as your support.  Together we will overcome.  To sign up for free membership, please click here .

Volunteering/Active Members

SDAAFE sincerely invite more volunteers to join us. The number of active members have been growing consistently. If you are interested to contribute to the common welfare of San Diego Asian community, please fill out this Sign-up Form to join us.

Voting Membership

SDAAFE voting membership qualifies the member to vote for and become candidate of board of directors. Voting members are invited to attend monthly routine meeting, as well as have other benefits. To qualify for voting member, it is required to pay $120 membership due annually. After you pay the membership fee, an welcome email will be sent to you and you will be invited into the voting member group.


If you applaud for our vision and mission, however, can’t contribute your time, you can still contribute through donations. The fund will be used to cover the normal operation costs and campaign costs.

Note: Contributions and Gifts to SDAAFE Foundation are NOT tax deductible.