PVSA Rules

SDAAFE sponsored PVSA (President’s Volunteer Service Award) rules and process:

1) The calendar year for SDAAFE sponsored PVSA award application is from April 1st – March 31st (next year). So our 1st award application will be at the end of March, 2020, and the qualifying volunteer hours will be from 4/1/2019 – 3/31/2020

2) SDAAFE will cover all the application cost and shipping cost (medals and certificates from PVSA organization) during application

3) SDAAFE accepts volunteer hours from other PVSA certifying organizations. However, the total amount of volunteer hours from organizations other than SDAAFE submitted by the students should not exceed the total amount of hours from SDAAFE. For example, if a student volunteered 10 hours in the SDAAFE organized activities/events, this student can only submit a maximum of 10 hours he/she volunteers at other certifying organization.

4) SDAAFE will organize a PVSA subcommittee to verify all the organizations in which students perform their volunteering work to ensure the qualification of these organizations. SDAAFE also reserve the rights NOT to accept hours from certain organizations. The final list of organizations that SDAAFE accepts will be approved by the SDAAFE board.