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Why are we against AB1726 ?

SDAAFE recently responded to a media inquiry on why we are against AB1726. Q: Why oppose the bill? A: 1)     Why Asian Americans only?  With the memory still fresh that Asian American students were the “problems” in the UC/CSU enrollment that the SCA5 proponents sought to “solve”, why comes the new push to categorize Asian Americans in a fine […]

Rally for Equal Justice

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                      Subject: More than 300 San Diegans to Rally for Equal […]

Open Letter to Jeb Bush: discuss the real problems instead of smearing law-abiding minority groups

Dear Governor Jeb Bush, San Diego Asian Americans for Equality (SDAAFE) is a non-partisan Political Action Committee promoting active civic engagement in public affairs and Asian American interests. We have over 1700 members.  Our community finds your recent remarks about “Anchor Babies” unwarranted, offensive and highly misleading. We would like to ask you to stop using Asians as a scapegoat in the important discussions […]

What is the linkage between marriage and college admission?

The US Supreme Court has just issued a ruling to allow gay marriage across the country.  This is a deeply divisive issue, with many passionately for or against, and many who simply don’t care.  “I have family to feed, children to send to college, I am not gay and I am not religious, why the hell do […]

Jack Yang’s Question to Senator Block

I would like to bring up my second question, SCA5, which was a hot subject just a few months ago. Let me start with some conversations I had with my daughter who is a high school senior.

An Open Letter to All Registered Voters

Dear friends, Please make sure you, your family and your friends come out to vote on June 3, the absent of which is an open invitation for SCA5 to come back in 2015. As is well known, SCA5 passed the California Senate on Feb 1 along strict party line:  All Democratic senators voted for, and all Republican senators voted […]