An Open Letter to All Registered Voters

Dear friends,

Please make sure you, your family and your friends come out to vote on June 3, the absent of which is an open invitation for SCA5 to come back in 2015.

As is well known, SCA5 passed the California Senate on Feb 1 along strict party line:  All Democratic senators voted for, and all Republican senators voted against.  Because the Democrat controlled >2/3 of the seats in both chambers (known as “supermajority”), they did not need a single Republican vote in forcing SCA5 through.  The bill appeared to sail toward easy passage in the Assembly until a gross-root revolt in the Asian American community temporarily halted it in mid-March.  This is a tactical retreat aimed at preserving the Democratic “supermajority” in the June 3rd and Nov 4th mid-term election, such that bills similar to SCA5 are better positioned for the 2016 election cycle, when the high voter turnouts in a presidential election makes the Asian American votes more diluted.
In the past mid-term elections, Asian Americans had among the lowest voter turn-out rates of only ~32%.  Of those who voted, approximately 75% voted for the Democratic Party.  If this election turns out to be no different, the poll data will send a clear message that there is absolutely no negative consequence in pushing through SCA5 like bills in the future.  Can you afford to send such an invitation?
America is our home.  Fulfill your civic duty on June 3.  Thank you!
Haibo Huang,
San Diego Asian American For Equality (SDAAFE)



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