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What is Affirmative Action? Do you support it?

Affirmative Action (AA) is a highly-loaded phrase that carries diametrically opposite meaning to different people. No thoughtful debate can be engaged without clearly identify which one of the four common versions is being discussed: 1) The Lyndon Johnson definition vs. the current practice 2) Race-based AA vs. socioeconomic-based AA The phrase AA was originated in […]

San Diego Asian Americans For Equality (SDAAFE) Foundation Announces its Endorsement of Denise Gitsham for Congress

San Diego, Calif. (March 8, 2016) – San Diego Asian Americans for Equality (SDAAFE) Foundation today announced its endorsement of Denise Gitsham, a Chinese American Candidate running in the 52nd Congressional District of California. Denise’s mother, a Chinese immigrant who came to the United States via Taiwan, instilled in Denise a deep appreciation for freedom, and […]

Open Letter to Jeb Bush: discuss the real problems instead of smearing law-abiding minority groups

Dear Governor Jeb Bush, San Diego Asian Americans for Equality (SDAAFE) is a non-partisan Political Action Committee promoting active civic engagement in public affairs and Asian American interests. We have over 1700 members.  Our community finds your recent remarks about “Anchor Babies” unwarranted, offensive and highly misleading. We would like to ask you to stop using Asians as a scapegoat in the important discussions […]

May 1st Calvary Church Meeting

(May 1st, 2015) Thanks for the generous help and invitation from Ms. Jessica Hayes, Vice Chair of San Diego County Democratic Party South Area, SDAAFE president Frank Xu, board member Paul Yung attended the proposal meeting of Peace Club for Teens at Calvary Church in San Diego downtown. This club was created to assist the […]