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Aijie Han

President, Chair
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Term: 2018-2019, 2020 -2021, 2022 -2023, 2024 -2025

Aijie Han has been involved in community and social activities since moved in San Diego. She joined in a UCSD campus charitable group, Still Thoughts Association (STA), and volunteered many activities to reach out the community, such as beach cleanup, visits to Senior House and Healthcare Center at downtown San Diego. She served as session Chair and symposium organizer at American Chemical Society (ACS) and Materials Research Society (MRS) national meetings, and served as a panelist for several National Science Foundation (NSF) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) programs. She has been involved in the activities of SDAAFE since 2014. She has the passion to work on promoting active involvement in public affairs and social issues in our community.

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