Support Senate Bill 673 (SB673), Please Write to the Senators


You may have heard many terms about the new California sexual education these days, such as AB329, Comprehensive Sexuality Education(CSE), California Healthy Youth Act(CHYA), The State’s Curriculum Frameworks for Heath Education, San Diego Unified School District Sexual Health Education Program (SDUSD SHEP), and Rights, Respect, Responsibilty(3Rs).

After collecting and reading first-hand materials, and discussing with a lawyer and school districts, SDAAFE has conducted research on the above-mentioned issues of concern and decided to take immediate action against California’s disordered sexuality education.

The first thing we can do now is to support Senate Bill 673 (SB673). It is a better way to avoid AB329’s control of K-6.

Call for actions to the California residents: Please send letters to the senators, so that they can hear the voice of the people and vote for the SB673. If it is passed, we can effectively avoid the AB329, especially for the K-6 teachers to have a more suitable program. Urgent! Below is the link of the SB673.

The template for the support letter is in

Please print the whole file, 7 pages for 7 senators. Sign and send it to the appropriate member respectively. The address of each senator is in the upper left corner of each page.

Let us work together for our children to have a healthy learning environment.

Thank you!

San Diego Asian Americans For Equality




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