SDAAFE Proudly Endorsed Phan Anderson for SDUHSD School Board

family and I worked hard to be successful in America. I have been able to achieve my own
American dream, which would not have been possible without a good education. I am an
independent thinker and practical problem solver, not beholden to any interest group. I am
committed to represent our families, students and communities, and defend a quality public
– Phan Anderson

Who is Phan Anderson?
Born in Vietnam, her parents gave her the Chinese name “Guo Fen”. Her friends call her Phan.
Phan and her husband have lived in Carmel Valley for sixteen years, raising their three children
who all have been educated in the San Dieguito Union High School District. In 2022, she is
running for election as a school district Trustee representing Area 5.
Phan fled Vietnam by boat with her family at the age of 9. After several days at sea, she was
rescued and taken to a refugee camp in the Philippines. Eventually, after living there for nearly a
year, she and her family were allowed to come to the United States. She grew up in an
underprivileged area of San Diego, went to local schools, and attended San Diego State
University, where she graduated with a degree in computer science.
Through her refugee and immigrant hardship experience, Phan learned to be tenacious, and to
overcome difficulties. After university, she worked as a software engineer for fifteen years. The
engineer’s workplace training cultivated her extraordinary problem-solving ability.
She believes her own experience shows that even people who struggle against disadvantages
can achieve the American Dream. “Many people in our community, like me, immigrated to the
United States with nothing but a desire to work for a better life,” she said. She is proud of her
own achievements, and wishes others, especially children, to have the opportunity to realize
their own American dreams. Phan’s experience has shown that freedom, family, education,
friendship, and hard work are the keys to success in America.

Why is Phan running for the Board of Trustees?
Phan is running to serve as a Board Trustee in order to support a high-quality education for the
students of this district. “I believe in providing the best possible educational experience for our
students,” she says. “School boards should be run by strong, independent voices who will focus
on quality education and enact policies that put the interests of the students, parents, and
community first.” School board trustees are elected by voters in their local areas, but they serve
the parents, students, and voters of the entire school district. The Board’s decisions on policies,
personnel, and finances shape the educational experience for our children.
The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many problems and crises in the operation of the
SDUHSD school district. The recent incident of the SDUHSD superintendent causing public
outrage in the Asian community has changed the views of many parents and taxpayers,
outrage in the Asian community has changed the views of many parents and taxpayers,



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