SDAAFE endorse 3 PUSD Candidates

(Oct 31, 2014) For Immediate Release

Contact person: Frank Xu   858-215-1162

Subject: Ms. Jeannie Foulkrod, Ms. Michelle O’Connor-Ratcliff and Mr. Charles Sellers for Poway Unified School District (PUSD) School board

San Diego Asian American for Equality (SDAAFE) strongly endorses Ms. Jeannie Foulkrod, Ms. Michelle O’Connor-Ratcliff and Mr. Charles Sellers for PUSD School board. We endorse them for their clear stance on bringing fiscal responsibility, accountability, communication and transparency to the district while keeping education high standards, regardless of their party affiliations.

SDAAFE is a non-partisan political action committee with 1,700 members. Our mission is to advocate full equality for San Diego Asian Americans through civic and political engagements.

In past several years, many key issues arose in PUSD including borrowing the money through highly controversial capital appreciation bond (CAB), the implementation of new technology in classrooms, common core, etc. We are very concerned how the current board made decisions with little communication with voters, parents and communities. We observed that all three candidates share the same standing with SDAAFE. They are also willing to reach out to the parents and voters, including Asian Americans who have increasing number of residence within PUSD for past years.

For the past year, SDAAFE has been working closely with PUSD school board and administers to establish transparency and clear communication with parents for several key issues. SDAAFE is also helping to establish the bridge between parents, voters and School board candidates. That bridge helped the candidates understand the need of the community better and helped them develop policies and ideas in a very practical way.

Ms. Foulkrod, Ms. O’Connor-Ratcliff and Mr. Sellers’s stance on important issues and their responsible and sensible plans for PUSD School board earned them our endorsement.



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