SDAAFE Newsletter March 2018


  • Endorsement for Summer Stephan
  • Fundraising for Summer Stephan
  • APAC Gala Event
  • 2018 San Diego Outstanding API Student Mayoral Award
  • About SDAAFE

Endorsement for Summer Stephan


“Since announcing her intention to run, DA Stephan has captured the backing of county deputy sheriffs, police officers, probation officers, district attorney investigators, and county prosecutors and their political action committee. ” said Steve Hsieh, Vice President of San Diego Asian Americans for Equality. “SDAAFE joins the ranks to rally supports for her because of her extensive background in prosecuting felonies including homicide, sex crime and human trafficking. Her long term  leadership in crime fighting and her devotion to protecting children and family are praised by SDAAFE. It is our pleasure to endorse her campaign for District Attorney” .


Summer served as a Deputy District Attorney in San Diego County for 28 years.  In 2012, she was appointed Chief Deputy District Attorney. In 2017, she was appointed District Attorney.


San Diego Asian Americans for Equality is a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering Asian Americans to win equal opportunity and justice through active participation in civic and public affairs in San Diego County. It is the only nonpartisan Asian American Political Action Committee in San Diego County with over 1700 members.


Contact: SDAAFE President Shawn He,phone: 8587616669,email:

Summer Stephan, middle in white outerwear


Fundraising for Summer Stephan

San Diego Asian Americans for Equality (SDAAFE) has decided to hold a fundraising event for Summer Stephan, see the following flyer for detailed information.

APAC Gala Event

The Asian Pacific American Coalition in the San Diego Region (APAC) successfully held its sixth annual meeting at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center on March 10th. Many community leaders, corporate executives, non-profit organizations and current government officials gathered to participate in this annual event. The Asian Pacific American Coalition is a community-based, non-partisan, non-profit organization that aims to foster citizens’ active participation in politics and promote the influence of San Diego Asian-Americans in the United States. Members of SDAAFE were invited to attend the event.

SDAAFE board members, Police Chief Nisleit (the 5th from left) and APAC co-founder Dr. Chan (the 4th from left)


2018 San Diego Outstanding API Student Mayoral Award

Award Guidelines

Commissioned by the Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC), Alliance of Chinese Americans of San Diego (ACA) and San Diego Asian Americans for Equality (SDAAFE) are the co-hosts of Chinese community for this year’s  San Diego Outstanding API Student Mayoral Award (“Mayoral Award”).

The purpose of Mayoral Award is to recognize those high school students who have demonstrated strong willingness and made significant efforts in civic engagement, revealed extraordinary leadership skills with proved accomplishments, actively participated in community outreach programs as well as maintained academic excellence in school.  By recognizing these students, we hope to discover next generation leaders for our Chinese American community.

Here are general guidelines to those who apply for Mayoral Award:


  1. Be descendants of Chinese immigrants
  2. Currently enrolled in school within San Diego County area.
  3. Have maintained a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) and above on a 4.0 scale
  4. Have not received this same award in the past.


The application deadline is April 16, 2018.  To apply, click here , and submit the following required material :

  1. The completed Mayoral Award Application Form.
  2. A recent standard photo (2 x 2) in jpeg format.
  3. A copy of the most recent school transcript in PDF.
  4. A short biography (no more than 80 words).
  5. A list with full description in PDF for the followings:
    1. All the unpaid activities including community services and the leadership experiences starting from middle-school. Indicate the average hours spent per week on each activity.
    2. All the honors and awards received applicable to community services and the leadership experiences starting from middle-school
  6. Personal Statement (no more than 500 words):  How your volunteering experience has impacted you and others around you.


To ensure complete impartiality in selection of recipients and to maintain a high level of professionalism, the Mayoral Award Committee will consist of respected local community leaders as well as executives from local industries.

  1. The first round of selection is based on the student’s submitted application materials.
  2. The applicants who pass the first round of selection will be notified to enter the second round of selection.
  3. The second round of selection involves an interview for which the selected candidates are expecting to give a short presentation, followed by questions of the committee.
  4. The final decision is based on the results from the 2nd round of selections.
  5. Decision of the Award Committee will prevail.


The final recipients of the award will be notified after the selection process is completed.

Award Ceremony

The mayor of San Diego will present the award to 4 recipients from Chinese community at San Diego City Council at a date to be determined.


If there are any questions about the Mayoral Award, we encourage the student to contact ACA or SDAAFE directly by e-mailing or with the subject line: 2018 Mayoral Award (applicant name).


Award Co-Hosts

Alliance of Chinese Americans San Diego (ACA) is a nonprofit (501c3) organization dedicated to serving the Chinese community of San Diego.  ACA assists Chinese newcomers in achieving the American Dream, by working to create and maintain an inclusive, diverse, and harmonious region.  ACA promotes policies that advance its core values – equality, freedom, and justice – and advocates on behalf of every individual’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

San Diego Asian Americans for Equality(SDAAFE) is a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering Asian Americans to win equal opportunity and justice through active participation in civic and public affairs in San Diego County. It is the only nonpartisan Asian American Political Action Committee in San Diego County with over 1700 subscribers.


San Diego Asian Americans For Equality (SDAAFE) Foundation is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation, a 501(c)(4) organization. SDAAFE PAC is a non-partisan Political Action Committee affiliated and sponsored by the Foundation.

Our mission is to advocate full equality for San Diego Asian Americans through the following means,

  1. Promoting active involvement in public affairs.
  2. Promoting Asian American values.
  3. Defending our community interests and mobilizing Asian American community on issues of concern.
  4. Endorsing political candidates and political parties in elections.

We have been working hard to unite Asian Americans to voice our concern on issue regarding California legislature SCA5 since early 2014. We believe that it’s against the constitutional human right and it’s not fair and equal to all groups. Since the 2014 November Election, we have teamed up with other Asian advocate groups to motivate Asian American voter go out to vote. Together, we boosted the turnout rate of Asian voters and especially Chinese American voters, which historically is the least active voting group.

Since 2015, SDAAFE have been actively involved in community service, reaching out to some families with urgent needs and have built up relationship with Town Council, Lion’s Club, PUSD Advisory Committees, AACE, San Diego Chinese Association, APAC, APAPA and other Asian and non-Asian community organizations. We have also helped conduct the first San Diego API Student Mayoral Recognition Award with the Mayor’s office.

SDAAFE has been actively involved in social issues that concerns the Asian community. Major issues involved in 2015 included: Mr. Yukong Zhao’s Harvard admission complaint,  Petition drive “Privacy For All” regarding toilet rights in public schools. Support of NYPD officer Peter Liang, etc.




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