Participants List for 2019 Essay Contest on California State Legislation

Thank you all for participating this essay contest. We have received 42 articles. To avoid any mistake, the participants are listed below. If you believe you have submitted your essay but cannot find your information here, please do not hesitate to contact us @ 858-215-1162 or

Name Area Position
Albert L SD Proposition
Amy G SD Proposition
Amy W SD Proposition
Andrew G SD Proposition
Andrew G SD Opposition
Angela F SD Proposition
Anna C GLA Opposition
Austin L SD Proposition
Bennett H SD Opposition
Brandon X GLA Proposition
Bruce Z NorCal Opposition
Carly G GLA Proposition
Connor Q SD Opposition
Daniel C SD Opposition
Devon C GLA Opposition
Emily L NorCal Opposition
Emma L SD Proposition
Grace Y SD Proposition
Hanan Z SD Proposition
Huai G NorCal Opposition
Isabelle Z NorCal Opposition
Jerry Z GLA Opposition
Jiaxuan P GLA Proposition
Jordan G GLA Proposition
Julie T GLA Proposition
Kane X SD Opposition
Katherine H SD Proposition
Lucy L NorCal Proposition
Mabel S SD Proposition
Madeleine C GLA Opposition
Maggie Y SD Proposition
Melody F SD Proposition
Minle G GLA Proposition
Natalie K GLA Opposition
Nicole C GLA Proposition
Peter W NorCal Opposition
Raymond L SD Proposition
Sarah W SD Opposition
Sean C SD Opposition
Sophia F SD Proposition
Yaya Z SD Opposition
Yujia W SD Proposition




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