List of winners for 2020 Census Flyer Contest

Congratulation to the following participant:

For Senior People

1st : Nicole Ma
2nd: Daniel Xu and Emily Zhang
3rd: Xiaofan Zuo, and Emily Yu, and Summer Zhang


For College Students

1st: Aria Liu
2nd: Summer Zhang, and Selena Qiao
3rd: Sara Duan, Katherine Zhang, and Joy Xu


For workers

1st: Annie Fang
2nd: Summer Zhang and Katheirne Zhang
3rd: Anna Zhang, Sara Duan, and Grace Sun


Winning pieces are as following:

For Senior People

1. Nicole Ma


2 Daniel Xu


3. Emily Zhang


4. Xiaofan Zuo


5. Emily Yu


6. Summer Zhang


For college students

1. Aria Liu



2. Summer Zhang



3. Selena Qiao


4. Sara Duan



5. Katherine Zhang



6. Joy Xu


For workers

1. Annie Fang


2. Summer Zhang



3. Katherine Zhang



4. Anna Zhang



5. Sara Duan



6. Grace Sun



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