ARC Contest Press Release

San Diego, CA – San Diego Asian Americans for Equality (SDAAFE) and Friends of We Chinese in America (FOWCIA) would like to congratulate the following Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) youths who won a prize in our youth art/essay/media contest to raise awareness of health and wellness in AANHPI communities.

High school Name Grade School Name Art/Assay/Media Title
First Prize Ryan Hu 9th Francis Parker By Better Representing Yourself
Second Prize Aria Liu 11th The Bishops School The Future of Health
Second Prize Audrey Thompson 10th Rancho Bernardo High School The Odyssey to Diversity
Third Prize Annie Fang 12th The Bishops School The Harm of Misunderstanding
Third Prize Ruby Gao 9th Canyon Crest Academy All of Us, All for Us
Third Prize Sara Duan 12th Westview High School Comfort


Middle School Name Grade School Name Art/Assay/Media Title
First Prize Felix Yang 7th Mesa Verde Middle School Increasing Asian American Participarion in Clinical Trials
Second Prize Manasiv Merugu 6th Carmel Valley Middle School Untitled
Second Prize Enying Lin 7th Bernado Heights Middle School Faith, Hope and Love
Third Prize Charles Liu 6th Ashley falls Volunteer, Research and Helping each other


Elementary School Name Grade School Name Art/Assay/Media Title
First Prize Ethan Hu 4th Montery Ridge Elementary Step in the Right Direction
Second Prize Cyra Su 5th Ocean Air Elementary Blooms of Healing/ Inside the Wings of the Medical Symbol/ A Healthy world
Second Prize Maggie Lin 3rd The Cambridge School Untitled
Third Prize Joanna Fang 3rd Canyon View Elementary Medical Research Saves Hundreds of Lives
Third Prize Selina Liu 1st ocean air elementary I Want to Be a Doctor
Third Prize Ivy Su 1st Monterey Ridge Elementary The Happiness of Volunteer

This youth art/essay/media contest attracted many AANHPI youths to submit their essay, art and multiple media focusing on promoting the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) All of Us Research Program in AANHPI communities. The submission was judged and scored by peers based on the following 5 criterions in scale of 1-5: overall impression, relevance to topic, creativity, message, and composition/quality. The winning art/essay/media will be published in local AANHPI media soon. Any further inquiries can be directed towards



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