Freeway Sign Fundraise for Convoy Asian Culture district

In 2020, the Convoy District Partnership, a non-profit organization representing business owners, tenants and shoppers in San Diego’s Convoy District area, worked with San Diego City Councilmember Chris Cate and then-Assemblymember Todd Gloria to officially recognize Convoy as the “Convoy Pan Asian Cultural and Business Innovation District.” This official designation from the City of San Diego allowed the Partnership to work with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to install “Convoy Asian Cultural District” freeway signs that direct drivers and visitors to the Convoy area.
Freeway signs are used to distinguish important historic, cultural and commercial districts. In San Diego, freeway signs identify Little Italy, the Gaslamp District, and Little Saigon, among others. San Diego freeways are used by millions of visitors and residents each year, and signage creates meaningful visibility and awareness of community places.
Installing freeway signs will help promote visitors and customers to Convoy businesses, which have experienced financial hardship through the COVID-19 pandemic. These signs will also foster new investment, entrepreneurship, and community events in Convoy, and help share and celebrate the rich diversity of the AAPI community with everyone!
We have set up gofundme page and hopeful we can reach our fund raising goal very soon.
A video promotion here:
Gofundme link below: 



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