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SB-174: Inclusion or Exploitation? – 2018 Yucai Cup Essay

by Skyler Wu, Del Norte High School While California boasts the largest economy of any state, it also exploits the most workers of any state (National Human Trafficking Hotline). The $180-billion undocumented labor industry (PRI), a significant chunk of California’s economy, keeps operating costs and consumer prices low with a trend of subminimum-wage compensation, substandard […]

SB 174: Affirmative – 2018 Yucai Cup Essay

SB 174: Affirmative by Andrew Gao, Canyon Crest Academy California has long been regarded as one of the most diverse and multicultural states in the United States, and even in the entire world. People from all walks of life live, work, play, and learn here in the Golden state, which is truly a “golden” example […]

Consequences of California SB 174 – 2018 Yucai Cup Essay

Consequences of California SB 174 by Alan Ding,  Escondido Charter High School California State Senator Ricardo Lara introduced California Senate Bill SB 174 to allow any resident of the state over eighteen years of age to be able to hold an appointed civil office regardless of citizenship or immigration status. The highlight of the bill […]

The Illegal but Essential Workers – 2018 Yucai Cup Essay

The Illegal but Essential Workers by Sean Cai, Scripps Ranch High School   Under the table of massive Californian growth, within the perception of the Western Economic Powerhouse, is the mass of the undocumented, who are central to economic growth in the state and fill the jobs required to drive economic growth.  Indeed, in a time of […]

Testimony for DA’s Office

Sarah Wang Pacific Ridge School – Sophomore August 28, 2018 Testimony for DA’s Office I entered the DA’s office without prior knowledge to this career path, other than assuming a District Attorney was quite similar to a lawyer. I wanted to learn more and see how the real world works; this experience satisfied those two […]