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Support Senate Bill 673 (SB673), Please Write to the Senators

Hello, You may have heard many terms about the new California sexual education these days, such as AB329, Comprehensive Sexuality Education(CSE), California Healthy Youth Act(CHYA), The State’s Curriculum Frameworks for Heath Education, San Diego Unified School District Sexual Health Education Program (SDUSD SHEP), and Rights, Respect, Responsibilty(3Rs). After collecting and reading first-hand materials, and discussing […]

SDAAFE Announces Its Endorsement of June Cutter for State Assembly

(San Diego, CA) – San Diego Asian Americans for Equality (SDAAFE) today announced its endorsement of June Cutter, a Korean-American candidate running for State Assembly in District 77. “June Cutter has demonstrated a commitment to the values of our organization: fiscal responsibility, hard work, equal opportunity and merit-based advancement,” said Steve Hsieh, President of SDAAFE.  […]

TutorsForChange Recruiting Teenage Volunteers

San Diego Asian Americans For Equality (SDAAFE) is looking for teenagers who are interested in helping and tutoring children that are apart of the homeless community. This program, TutorsForChange, has a partnership with Solutions for Change. This is a great opportunity to practice leadership skills, bond with other communities, and build character. Solutions for Change […]

Ask a Question, Save a Life

According to a report released in June 2018 by the San Diego County Suicide Prevention Council (SPC), 457 people committed suicide in San Diego County in 2017, a 26 count increase from 2016. The suicide rate for 2017 is close to the rate in 2013, the year with the highest suicide rate since 1995. It […]

2019 County Supervisor’s Award : Apply Now

2019 County Supervisor’s Award Guidelines San Diego Outstanding Asian and Pacific Islander Students County Supervisor’s Award (County Supervisor’s Award) is sponsored jointly by San Diego County Supervisor and San Diego Asian Americans for Equality (SDAAFE).  The purpose of this award is to celebrate and recognize API students’ achievements in the areas of science and technology, […]

Essays for 2018 Yucai Cup, Youth Legislative Essay Contest

The First Place Opposition Side:  Bennett Hochner, Sage creek High School After Citizenship Comes the Opportunity to Sit on Boards and Commissions   Proposition Side:  Mabel Song, Canyon Crest Academy SB-174: A Step Towards Equality   The Second Place Opposition Side:  Skyler Wu, Del Norte High School SB-174: Inclusion or Exploitation?   Proposition Side:  Andrew […]

SB-174: A Step Towards Equality – 2018 Yucai Cup Essay

by Mabel Song, Canyon Crest Academy The Trump administration’s repeated demand for the fortification of immigration policy has lead to much conflict in today’s political climate. The topic of immigration itself has been converted into somewhat of a sensitive one, where opinions range so drastically that most prefer to not discuss it at all. However, […]

SB-174: Inclusion or Exploitation? – 2018 Yucai Cup Essay

by Skyler Wu, Del Norte High School While California boasts the largest economy of any state, it also exploits the most workers of any state (National Human Trafficking Hotline). The $180-billion undocumented labor industry (PRI), a significant chunk of California’s economy, keeps operating costs and consumer prices low with a trend of subminimum-wage compensation, substandard […]

SB 174: Affirmative – 2018 Yucai Cup Essay

SB 174: Affirmative by Andrew Gao, Canyon Crest Academy California has long been regarded as one of the most diverse and multicultural states in the United States, and even in the entire world. People from all walks of life live, work, play, and learn here in the Golden state, which is truly a “golden” example […]